Sights come in different shapes and technology: iron sights, dot sight, and lasers sight. Dots sights are manufactured using optical glass with multilayer coatings applied to facilitate maximum light transmission and wear resistance while reducing glare.

Most of our Sights are by well-known companies like Holosun, Metrolight, or Sightmark. For instance, dot help shooting accurately with a rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Therefore, traditional rifle or gun sights require you to shift focus from the threat to the sights. Then you have to align it and maintain the elusive front-one focus so integral to accurate handgun shooting. That’s not practical if you’re in danger.

Iron Sights Advantages:

Iron sight’s advantage is that is affordable, they usually come with the weapon or can be replaced at minimum cost. For instance, they do not require batteries. Therefore, are usually lighter and do not fog up in inclement weather. Secondly, they are less likely to get bumped off their settings. Thirdly, they do not care about water intrusion and are require low maintenance. Finally, they offer a decent point shooting reference. In fact, they work pretty well in non-urban environments.

Dot Sights Advantages:

Easy To See – Easy to see regardless of lighting conditions. Besides having manually adjusted brightness settings, some sights auto-adjust the brightness of the dot based on lighting conditions. While having the brightest dot possible usually makes the most sense, dimming the dot can make it appear smaller and sharper. This creates a more refined sight picture for enhanced accuracy.

Always On –  Does do not need to manually turn on. For instance, under dangerous conditions, the action can be very difficult when a person is under mental and physical stress.

Holosun dots are popular with rifle shooters because each provides a distinct advantage over traditional rifle sights. Therefore, the aiming process is simplified by eliminating the need to shift your focus from the threat to the front and rear sights. In conclusion, the red dot on the target shows precisely where your muzzle is pointed at.

Reflex Sight Advantages:

Reflex sight doesn’t have a tube body and only has a single lens. For instance, a light beam is projected onto the front lens, then sent back to the shooter’s eye. Therefore, with the exposed reflex site, there isn’t a body, so it makes target acquisition more efficient.

Lasers Sights Advantages:

Laser has developed in the last twenty years. For instance, today, lasers for pistols and rifles are brighter, more rugged, water-resistant, and are not very expensive. Therefore, they are applicable to grips, guide rods, flashlights, and accessory rails, providing immense utility without taking up extra space on your weapon. Secondly, they can be seen hundreds of yards away, and green lasers are a popular choice for some shooters. Thirdly, while red is generally less expensive and holds up better during tough recoil, the green laser has a longer visible effective range. For instance, Green lasers are also easier to see during the day while red lasers perform better in dark settings.