External Bulletproof Vest


External Bulletproof Vest

External Bulletproof Vest has a protection Level NIJ IIIA. For instance, the vest has up of two, front and rear, and sides ballistic panels with the same dimensions as in reference in the specifications. Therefore, these ballistic panels are covered by a thermo-weldable nylon material, which keeps them close-shut for protection.

External Bulletproof Vest is using high-tech materials, both thin and lightweight enabling the wearer to enjoy the ease of movement.  For instance, the External Bulletproof Vest offers protection for the front, back, and sides of the body.  Therefore, the vest has a plate carrier suitable for Soldiers, police officers, security personnel, bodyguards, and search and rescue teams.


      • For instance, the plate carrier is suitable for soldiers, police officers, security personnel, bodyguards, and search and rescue teams.
      • The vest comes with front and back soft armor panels.
      • The armor panels are covered by a welded nylon fabric to provide moisture protection to the ballistic materials.
      • To clean the ballistic panels you can use a damp brush.
      • All ballistic protection meets NIJ level IIIA Protection Level ACCORDING NIJ 0101.04
      • The ballistic panels are easily removable to enable laundering of the outer carrier.
      • Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement
      • Easy waist velcro adjustment 


      • Adjustable waist and tensional bands (Sizes S-6XL)
      • Internal pockets: front and back hard armor plates size: 25*30 cm/12*12 inch
      • External pockets: compartments for hard armor plates for additional protection
      • Internal/External Side armor pocket: None
      • Material- Cordura 1000- Abrasion resistant
      • Find care instructions inside the front pocket of the vest
      • Vest Color: black, blue
      • Made in Israel
      • Brand: Masada Armour
      • Manufacturer: Masada Armour LTD
      • Warranty: The Outer Garment has a guarantee against inferior quality materials and workmanship for a period of one year.
      • Therefore, the Ballistic Panels have a warranty for a period of 5 years.


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Note:  For instance, residents from Connecticut cannot purchase concealment body armor, tactical body armor, ballistic plates, ballistic shields, and ballistic helmets online. Therefore, we cannot sell to residents of Connecticut online. Canceled Orders – For instance, any order canceled for any reason will be charged a 2.9% cancelation fee. Therefore, be sure of your armor model before you buy it or consult with one of our consultants.

External Bulletproof Vest

Warranty, Specific Requests:

  • For instance, the ballistic panels have a warranty of 5 years when the user is following the instructions according to the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Therefore, the vest carrier warranty is effective for 12 months after delivery against manufacturing defects that might be found by the user.