Safe Shoot Shooter

Safe Shoot Shooter

Safe Shoot Shooter is a device that assists in preventing friendly-fire accidents. Therefore, is increasing situational awareness and weapon effectiveness without altering the behavior of firearm users, and providing real-time location data to the Command & Control Center of units in the field.


SafeShoot SPecifications

The Safe Shoot Shooter device can detect other Shooter devices and Non-Shooter Defender devices that are in the line of fire. When taking aim, Safe Shoot alerts shooters immediately, and automatically if another Safe Shoot device is downrange, and in the line of fire. Therefore, it alerts shooters visually and audibly thus assisting in preventing an accident.

How Does Safe Shoot Works?

Practically speaking, you just attach the Shooter device to your weapon, while your partners can use the Shooter or Defender devices and when you aim, it shows you a warning, in a form of red light if your partner is in a direct line between your barrel and your “prey”.

1. You and your partners attach the devices to your weapon.

2. When you aim, the device will warn you if your partner is in direct line with your barrel.

Shooter Kit:

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Safe Shoot Shooter


    • The Shooter device for armed party members easily attaches to most hunting firearms via a Picatinny rail.
    • The device works at a range of up to 1000 yards, day or night, in all weather, with no line of sight needed.
    • Utilizing a combination of radiofrequency, MEMS sensors, and GPS, Safe Shoot devices in the area form a network to always alert you if someone with a device is unsafely downrange, even if they are not in your hunting party.
    • Safe Shoot provides an auditory and visual alarm to increase situational awareness without interfering with your weapon or firing system.
    • Weighing in at only 6oz, Safe Shoot offers safety without compromising the performance of the shooter.

SafeShoot Shooter Specifications