Romtes Technologies

Romtes Technologies has developed into a global innovator of tactical training solutions and services.  For instance, that includes range integration and combat training center design and construction.  Therefore, the Romtes team includes leaders in their fields with engineering, design, tactical, and operational experience.

Romtes Technologies’ interactive target systems have been chosen by military, special operations, security service, and counterterrorist teams across Israel.  For instance, these units use Romtes’ targets to improve their expertise and tactical capabilities.

Romtes Technologies

Therefore, Romtes’ interactive systems are also in demand worldwide. and have been chosen by Special Forces units worldwide.

Romtes is an Israeli firm with almost 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing training solutions for the military and security forces.

For instance, the company’s training products have been used by the elite of Israel’s special operations. That includes the Yamam, the police national counterterrorist unit, and Flotilla 13, Israel’s naval commandos.

The Romtes Short Circuit Target system (SCT) is easy to use and inexpensive to maintain. It also has a complete interactive training system. For instance, an elite team of combat engineers with high experience and also with tactical training officers are behind the design.

Additionally, the Romtes Short Circuit Target system is a simple and conventional shooting target system that consists of several layers of material.  Basically two of which are conductive. Therefore, once a round penetrates the target it creates a short circuit between the two layers. The electronic system detects and records the hits.  In conclusion, it provides the shooter with instant feedback on the hit location.

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    • SAFETY – i.e. Reduced need to cross the firing line.
    • FLEXIBILITY – i.e. For any shooter, tactical, sport, or recreational.
    • MOBILITY – i.e. Lightweight, wireless, easy to operate and relocate.
    • VERSATILITY – i.e. Any caliber, rifle, weather conditions, and also range (up to 1700yards).
    • RELIABILITY – the system has 98% Accuracy and records only direct hits (no ricochets or other interferences)
    • TIME EFFICIENT – i.e. Quick setup (less than 5 minutes) therefore Less ‘cold’ range time.
    • INSTANT FEEDBACK – i.e. Enables immediate correction and also results.


    • DATABASE – i.e. Continuous shooting skill monitoring.
    • DURABILITY – i.e. Target system does not need replacing.
    • COST-EFFECTIVE – i.e. Each target can take between 600-800 hits.
    • MORE TRAINING – i.e. Less time spent on logistics, therefore more time sending lead down range.
    • ROBUST – i.e. Both weather and wind-resistant and also a robust construction.
    • PRACTICAL – i.e. The Short Circuit Target can be both stand-alone and static. Additionally, it has multiple configurations for scenario-based multi-purpose training.

Number of Scoring Zones Up to 8 scoring zones
Hit Indications
Accuracy of Indication 98% report Accuracy, No sensor adjustment for any type of projectile or distance
Ports Micro USB Charging, pop-up port firmware updates expansions
Voltage 3.7V, Chargeable
Operating temperatures -25°C ÷ 60 °C
Operating Wireless Range from the display Up to 1500 Meter/1600 Yard Line of sight
Operating time with regular battery pack 140 Hours
Color Black, Nato-Olive, Beige, and other colors per request
STAND 5.3 Kg /11.7lb
SCT GRIP(ARM8) SCT GRIP(ARM8) 0.7Kg /1.5lb
5.56mm,9mm,7.62mm Protection plate 3.5Kg/7.7lb
Anti ricochet protection 0.5Kg/1.1lb
Total 10Kg /22lb
Height when the stand is open 810mm/31.8 inch
Length when the stand is folded 775mm/30. inch
Time from folded to open Up to 2 Min
Material Plas the ic and Alum


Number of Scoring Zones Up to 8 scoring zones
Hit Indications Short Circuit Target on range target up to 8 Zones (SCT), Worldwide Patented
Accuracy of Indication 98% report Accuracy, No sensor adjustment for any type of projectile or distance
Ports Micro USB Charging& firmware updates expansions, SD Card memory
Voltage 3.7V, Chargeable
Operating temperatures -25°C ÷ 60 °C
Indications Operating Modes 8 scoring zones counting the +total
  Hit split times
  Timed countdown
  Sound for every Hit
  Display Battery Status
  Target Battery Status
  Wireless signal status
Digital Screens Operating Wireless Range Up to 1500 Meter/1600 Yard Line of sight
Weight including Battery 1Kg including battery not including armor
Dimensions(LXWXH) 29.7CmX23CmX4.5Cm
Display size 19.5CmX14Cm
Display Type LCD visible in direct sun
Operating time with a regular battery pack 24 Hours
Color Black
Material Plastic and Alum