Safe Shoot

Safe Shoot

Safe Shoot was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurial minds after the sector of law enforcement and emergency services have been exposed to tragic friendly fire incidents. Therefore, Safe Shoot decided to devote its mission to find a solution to friendly fire incidents in hunting, law enforcement, and military operations.

For instance, by combining their expertise in technological development and management, along with a thorough background in military and a genuine love for outdoor activities, Safe Shoot’s founding team has developed a unique and comprehensive solution to friendly fire incidents.

Company Vision

Safe Shoot’s vision is to save people’s lives by preventing friendly fire.  Therefore, the company envisages many modern hunters and law enforcement agencies joining our desire for safer environments. In addition, it aims to enhance situational awareness capabilities while hunting and among law enforcement agencies.

Safe Shoot assists in preventing friendly fire in various environmental conditions without the need for a line of sight, by an automatic and autonomous system based on advanced technology.


As hunters, safety is atop the list of our code of ethics. It’s the first thing Safe Shoot is thinking for hunters and it’s the first consideration in all our actions. From the moment we pick up our firearms until we stow our gear at the end of the day, safety influences each and every one of our movements.

The company is conscious of muzzle direction. Therefore,  when the chamber is clear, yet we check it again. We pass on even the largest trophies if we cannot confirm the safety behind the shot. Being a safe hunter is paramount and to call yourself a hunter is to define yourself as safe and ethical.

Our ethics lead us to decisions we’re proud of.

The system automatically alerts shooters when there is a high risk of friendly fire situations. This will assist in making hunting activities safer without changing behavior. Therefore, enhancing the safety of law enforcement forces as well as improve cooperation between those forces.