Concealable Vest Anti Stab

Concealable Bulletproof Vest Level III-A color Black Anti Stab Level 1

Concealable Vest Anti Stab Level 1 is a bulletproof highly comfortable vest IIIA that you can wear under any suit or jacket.  Therefore, this vest has an anti-stab protection level 1.  In addition, Masada Armour Ltd design and manufacture these products in their Israeli factory.

Concealable Vest IIIA Anti Stab Level 1  is a cover body armor vest specifically for police, security officers, and civilian uses.  Therefore, the vest is designed and manufactured for the best protection of the wearer while keeping it comfortable for wearing while on duty or during everyday activities.

For instance, the vest has the front and back parts that split. Moreover, it has a flexible system by the shoulder bands and waist flaps with Hook & loop fasteners. Finally, the design of the vest makes it possible to remove the ballistic soft protection panels from the vest for cleaning it.


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