About The Artist

Daniel Schinasi, a founder of the Neofuturism artistic movement, was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1933. The Schinasi’s are originally a Sephardic family from Livorno, Italy, who left Italy to Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century. Since 1955, Daniel Schinasi presented many personal exhibitions and retrospectives in Europe, in the United States and Israel. His paintings are in museums, art galleries and private collections in Italy, Switzerland, and France, where he lived a good part of his artistic life. His murals could be found in many universities, rail stations, hospitals, churches, and theaters. There are murals in Graz State Prison (Austria), New Israeli Opera House (Tel Aviv), and Flushing Hippodrome of Saint Rossore (Pisa, Italy) as well. All these years Schinasi has been an advocate of figurative arts and a great defender of Humanism and Fraternity.
Currently, Daniel Schinasi resides in Nice, France and in Tuscany, Italy. He also goes for short visits to Israel and Spain.